Cycle City Fitness is a high energy indoor cycling boutique.  Cycle City seeks to build a community of riders who wants to develop physical and emotional health through physical exercise while having fun. 

Cycle City has found the optimal mix of great music that provides riders with a vibrant atmosphere conducive for promoting a positive attitude for personal development.   Our cycling classes exhibit enthusiasm and encourage rider participation.  Our goal is to build a foundation of training that will enable our members to achieve their fitness goals. We are “The City”. 

Our Story

Jon and Veranda Adkins caught the indoor cycling bug several years ago.  Jon a former track athlete wanted a challenging exercise that provided a full-body rush, and that could also be an engaging workout.  Sensing a need for a boutique, cycling-only experience in the heart of North Alabama, Jon and Veranda decided to expand the growing indoor cycling phenomenon. They launched Cycle City Fitness, LLC with a genuine passion for the indoor cycling movement.  Jon and Veranda are Mad Dogg Spinning Certified Instructors. If we can do anything to make your experience at Cycle City better, don't hesitate to contact us at info@cyclecityfit.com.  At Cycle City we are family, we ride stronger together!